Welcome to Alcazaba Security! IT Specialists.

Alcazaba Seguridad Company currently has a technical infrastructure and staff recognized especially in locks which make him one of the few authorized Point Fort Fichet that currently exist in Spain. Walking hand in hand with the leading manufacturer of products in locksmith safety obtain credit from our customers and businesses, also the product of a job well done, serious and committed, our key to success.

Because there's nothing like live in peace, we have a team of qualified professionals that are necessary for the project: locksmith, carpentry, masonry ... This, together with the exact supply of materials and resources for quality first, aims to achieve the best result that we always feel proud like our customers.

Our success is based on a commitment to customer demand and guarantees our work and materials. It is important to us the election in each of the materials work best suited to the needs of our customers. This is why we work with the best suppliers at the national level.